Friday, October 21, 2011

The Thing About Life Is...

   Every now& then, I get a little bit envious of those who seem to have everything they want, effortlessly.  The people who seem to have everything handed to them on a silver platter... Those whose lives seem like they're going exactly the way they always thought they'd go.  There are some people, that from birth, they seem to always come out on top.  They don't ever seem to struggle w/hard times.. They seem to have perfect relationships, perfect bodies, perfect walk w/God, perfect families, 'perfectly imperfect spouses', kids & career achievements...There seems to be nothing they lack;  I know that there's no such thing as "perfect" and that everyone has some problems, but collectively- there's just a group of people that seem like they relatively have it all together.  I don't use the word "jealous", b/c I don't have hateful feelings towards them-- but sometimes, I can't help to think why it seems I got their share of "issues" in my life, lol.  They never seem to have a bad day-- and even the times they think they do, it's more of an inconvenience, rather than something that's a real issue...

     I used to think I wanted to be like those people... And some days I do, but at the same time, my trials, issues, circumstances, etc is what builds character in me.  I may have had a lot going on, and it may seem like [at times] I end up in some bad situations, but I also have the best stories too... learn the biggest lessons... and can appreciate the things that I do have or have learned from.  I'm not going to lie-- there are still days where I wish my life was exactly the way I hoped it would be.  I wish that every day, I didn't struggle with certain issues.... and I wish that those around me, who I deem to have "perfect lives", could really understand some of the things I go through.

      I know that God has a reason for it-- even  if I don't know or understand, though.  So I have to learn as I go.  I also know that things could be considerably worse... And even though that doesn't negate the things I've been through, go through, and may still go through-- I do appreciate that it could be worse & it's not.  I do appreciate the ability I've been given to laugh through my pain; to be able to find the irony & humor in the drama that happens.  The thing about life is, if I didn't have these experiences-- I wouldn't fully know what it was to have compassion for others in certain circumstances.  I would only be able to be empathetic, when others were going through things;  People would probably feel about me, the way I feel about them [at times, at my worst moments], "What do they know about [such & such]... They don't even have a clue..."  But I'm thankful that I'm still breathing, still standing, and still able to bounce back.  God has made me so resilient...


  1. I just wanted to say thank you for all your sweet comments. Each one has made my day. thanks love. xo

  2. Your welcome! I love your blog! It's become one of the hi-lites of my day! ;0)